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Novel Responses is dedicated to assisting caretakers in identifying problem behaviors and developing home-based therapy plans that address those behaviors. Since 2004, we have utilized our process to develop behavior analysis programs that have proven helpful to our clients, whether they are parents, educators, or service providers.

Our process

Client Intake

During this phase, we accept the client’s application, hold parent orientation, and acquire authorization for services. A critical phase, these steps allow us to get to know the client, gain a brief understanding of their needs, and begin formulating a plan for the subsequent phases.

Program Development

This second phase includes assessment, development of a treatment plan, implementation of a data collection system, and a team case conference. Designed to expand the brief understanding that we acquired in the first phase, this phase systematizes that understanding, quantifies it into actionable data, and uses that data to determine how we can most effectively move forward.

Treatment Implementation

The third phase focuses on treatment and includes direct therapy, BCBA supervision, case support, and caregiver training. Taking the data that we collected in the second step, we create a plan centered on the client’s needs. With the ultimate goal of addressing the problem behaviors, we implement the treatment plan that was developed during the program development phase.

Program Evaluation

During the fourth phase, we evaluate the programs that we developed and the treatments that we implemented. This step includes analysis of data, revision of goals, reassessment, and a progress report. If we perceive new therapy avenues that we believe will be successful, we implement them during this phase. Aiming to continually refine, tailor, and optimize our treatments, this phase is essential to creating effective home-based therapy treatments.

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