ABA treatment options to address problem behavior

Novel Responses provides ongoing ABA treatment and verbal behavior consultation services for families with children or adolescents with autism or other mental health conditions, ages 2 to 18. We develop, implement, and maintain home-based behavioral therapy programs that aim to address a range of problem behaviors. Intensive programs consist of 10 to 25 hours of direct instruction per week, targeting language, learning, daily activities, and more. When an intensive, ongoing program is not recommended to address problem behavior, our BCBA Clinical Supervisors can conduct assessment(s) of the child and generate recommendations for treatment that is appropriate.

Instructional objectives may include the following

Critical language & learning: Requesting (Mands), Listener/Receptive Skills, Answering Questions (Intraverbals), Echoics, Labeling (Tacts), Imitation, Visual Performance, Group Instruction, Independent Work, Social/Peer Interaction, and Pre-Academics.

Reduction of problem behaviors and acquisition of replacement behaviors: Problem behaviors may include non-compliance, disruption of home and/or classroom routines, tantrums, destruction of property, aggression against self or others, and engagement in restrictive or repetitive behaviors of interests.

Activities of daily living (ADLs): Feeding, toileting, grooming, selecting proper attire, dressing, bathing, and walking.

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs): Managing finances, handling transportation, shopping, preparing meals, using the telephone, managing medications, homework, and basic home management

Executive functioning: Planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to details, remembering details, and managing time and space

Emotional regulation: Identifying own emotions, identifying emotions in others, starting and persisting with pursuing goals, tolerating awkwardness, and using strategies to deal with anxiety.

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