How ABA treatment and behavior analysis can help

The aim of ABA treatment and behavior analysis from Novel Responses is to change problem behaviors that are frequently exhibited by children with autism or other mental health conditions. Using a range of behavioral procedures, such as reinforcement, extinction, shaping, chaining, prompting, and fading, we strive to teach critical language and learning skills. With our programs tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual, we place an emphasis on discovering why certain behaviors are – or are not – occurring and explore how caregivers can change their own behavior to bring about positive changes in the child’s behavior.

Areas where we have been successful include

  • Identifying behaviors that are hampering your child from acquiring critical language and learning skills and developing procedures to reduce those behaviors
  • Devising therapy plans focused on building skills across various domains including language, social, adaptive living, and executive functioning skills
  • Teaching parents to analyze why problem behaviors are occurring and how they may be able to change their own behavior to bring about positive changes in their child’s behavior
  • Encouraging the use of functional language to communicate needs and describe surroundings
  • Establishing the skills necessary to answer questions and initiate conversations
  • Teaching the use of various language concepts, such as prepositions, action verbs, and categories
  • Developing social aptitude and prompting play with other children
  • Facilitating appropriate toy play
  • Creating a more comfortable response to unfamiliar places
  • The positive redirection of common, problem behaviors

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