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In 2003, Amy Macfarlane began providing ABA treatment and services in Michigan. At the time, there was no funding and all clients were expected to pay out of their own pockets for home-based therapy. Amy, the first BCBA Behavior Consultant, had several clients in the Ann Arbor and Detroit area, as well as several in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Lansing. Growing the business slowly, she eventually added another BCBA Behavior Consultant from the Ann Arbor area and began expanding.

When Michigan mandated that insurance companies cover ABA treatment, consultation, and therapy services in October, 2012, demand for these services increased dramatically. As part of that mandate, ABA therapists and “behavior technicians” had to be hired by the provider. For this reason, Amy hired more behavior technicians and BCBA Behavior Consultants, which are now called BCBA Clinical Supervisors. With her business background, Amy ceased providing clinical services and, instead, focused her efforts on managing the growing home-based therapy business. To that end, she established a solid foundation of training that allows Novel Responses to provide the highest quality of behavioral services to its clients.

Unique Features of Novel Responses

Novel Responses demands excellence from every company member. We dedicate a substantial amount of time and resources to our training systems. We require that all newly-hired BCBA Clinical Supervisors work as behavior technicians in several client programs. This ensures that they learn our service systems and hone their clinical supervision skills. We also seek to grow our own BCBA Clinical Supervisors from our behavior technician staff, to ensure that those supervisors already know our system of providing services.

Our “Clinical Training Department” is a non-billable department – funded by Novel Responses – that provides support to our client programs and to our staff in the field. Engaging in a range of support activities, the department provides “jump start” services to new cases and additional support and training to behavior technicians in established cases. In addition to this, it is also responsible for training systems, including initial and ongoing behavior technician training, using our internal advancement system, which rewards the acquisition of observable, measurable, and critical behavior technician skills.

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