Our autism treatment and behavior analyst team

At Novel Responses, our behavior analysts and autism treatment staff engage in continuous training. Through our own internal programs, they are encouraged to hone and perfect their critical behavior technician skills. Because of this, and our encouragement of actual, in the field training, they are among the most qualified, knowledgeable, and practiced ABA treatment specialists and behavior analysts.


Amy Macfarlane, MBA, BCBA
Executive Director
Kristen Crandle
Director of Finance & Administration
Michelle Persails
Director of Service Coordination
Holly Haslam
Talent Development Specialist
Mary Lineberry
Claims Specialist

Clinical Team

Carrie Miller, LMSW, BCBA
Clinical Director – East
Beth Boogholt, MS, LLP, BCBA
Clinical Director - West
Gaby Bloom, M.Ed., MA, BCBA, COBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Laurie Bohdan, MS, LLP, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Jamie Goecker, MA, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Jessica Hurdelbrink, MS, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Courtney Raupp, MA, BCBA
Clinical Training Manager
Benjamin Ross, MA
Clinical Supervisor
Orlando Rodriguez, MA, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Amber Rubenfeld, MA, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Caitlyn Sorensen-Kowalski, MS, TLLP, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Anna Spork, MA, LLPC, BCBA
Community Outreach Manager
Samantha Steffen, MA
Case Support Manager
Jennifer Vorce, M. Ed., BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Mary Western, MAT, BCBA
BCBA Clinical Supervisor

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