The principles that guide our ABA treatment

Novel Responses has been a provider of home-based therapy and ABA treatment in Michigan since 2004. Dedicated to excellence and committed to ongoing improvement, we credit our success to hard work, continued training, and adherence to our guiding principles, mission, and beliefs.

Our guiding principles

  • ​Commitment to Excellence – ​Using best practices to the best of our abilities
  • Integrity – Doing what’s right
  • Dedication – Striving to reach and surpass goals
  • Innovation – Seeking novel ways to achieve optimal outcomes

Our mission

Enhancing lives through behavioral intervention

Our beliefs

Ethical practices

We accept as clients only those individuals whose behavior problems are within our level of training, education, and experience.

Individualized programming

We recognize that each child is unique and that we must develop individualized programs to meet each child’s unique needs.

Parental input and involvement

We believe that parental input and involvement are critical to a child’s progress and, therefore, recommend that parents assume an active role in their child’s program.

Ongoing training

We realize that learning to apply the principles of behavior is a long process. Therefore, we provide ongoing training to strengthen these skills in our clients and provide advancement opportunities to our clinical staff based on their acquisition and demonstration of essential clinical skills.

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