Pursue a career in behavior analysis and home-based therapy

When you join the team of home-based therapy and behavior analysis technicians at Novel Responses, you can count on working for a great company that offers flexible scheduling, incentives to improve your skills, and ongoing professional development. In addition to this, you can be confident that you are pursuing a richly rewarding and immensely gratifying career that contributes to the betterment of your community.

A few of the benefits of working at Novel Responses

  • A collaborative environment for sharing programming tips, brainstorming cases, and touting clinical successes
  • The ability to share experiences with other behavior analysts and home-based therapy experts
  • Initial and ongoing training for all behavior technicians in the form of “Professional Development Days” and “Focused Trainings”
  • Support from behavior technicians who have attained higher-level behavior technician skills
  • A flexible schedule based on clients’ availability for therapy and supervision sessions
  • Financial compensation comparable to other providers

Learn what we can do to assist your child today

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