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Novel Responses has provided Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment, home-based therapy, natural environment training, and behavior analysis services since 2004. Serving cities across Michigan, including Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit, and Petoskey. We have earned a reputation for providing comprehensive, effective guidance to parents, educators, and service providers. Aiming to help caretakers address – and correct – problem behaviors in children and adolescents with autism, we are dedicated to maintaining an ongoing commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation.


NEW! Novel Responses is offering limited center-based services for children 5 or younger in our Ann Arbor office location. Half days or full days offered dependent on needs of child determined during initial assessment. In addition, Novel Responses is also accepting clients for home-based daytime therapy sessions in the metro Ann Arbor area and home-based evening therapy sessions in the Northern Ann Arbor metro area.

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What sets us apart?

Novel Responses provides home-based therapy to help change behaviors that are frequently exhibited by children with autism. Our strategies are developed to meet the specific needs of the individual.

Our mission is to enhance lives through behavioral intervention. By developing individualized programs to meet every child’s specific needs, we are able to directly – and more effectively – identify, address, and change problem behaviors. We believe that parental input and involvement are critical to their child’s progress. Because of this, we encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s program. Whether your child needs assistance with emotional regulation, activities of daily living, or the acquisition of replacement behaviors, we’re confident that our team has the training, expertise, and drive necessary to help you effect meaningful, positive changes in your child’s life.

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ABA Therapy

Novel Responses provides ABA treatment and home-based therapy services for families with children or adolescents with autism.

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Meet the staff at Novel Responses, a committed, educated, and nurturing team that is dedicated to effecting positive change.

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